Motivato Series

Are you stumbling toward an uncertain future? Or are you ready to wholeheartedly pursue your dream?

There are million-dollar ideas around you every day… Do you see them?
Dreams are good, but not good enough. Faith is good, but not good enough. Goals are good, but not good enough.There’s only one way to prove your faith, dreams and goals… only one way to transform them into reality. The pursuit.

The most important thing you can ever do in life is find a dream worth chasing – and when you catch it, find a bigger one.
Pursuit changes everything. It captivates your heart, increases your momentum, unleashes focus, and brings astonishing results.

A major corparate study from sixty-two business leaders from Marriott Corporation to Apple computers, revealed that none of these leaders were workaholics. Instead, they were actually ‘workaphiles’, lovers of work. They actually loved what they did.
It is a poor disgraceful thing not to able to reply, with some degree of certainty, to the simple questions, “What will you be? What will you do?” ‘
-John Foster
If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.
-Martin Luther King Jr.
Success takes time. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight.
The world makes room for a person on a pursuit. Like a fire truck with its lights on or a police car with its sirens blaring, people may not know where you’re going, but they know you’re off to something important.
Pursuit is all that makes the difference.
Go out and make the change you were born for..