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I once had a conversation with a man who asked me a question I would never forget, “If you could take a look into the life and mind of one person from the past, who would it be?”. He asked. Instantly,

pages worth of influential people run through my head. People like, Jesus Christ the Son of God, Martin Luther King jnr, King David, Rockefeller, King Solomon, Jim Rohn and some many others.

But strangely, my thoughts became obsessed with the idea of being invited into the heart and mind of some greats who walked this earth. Their thirst and zeal for success, what makes them tick, how they are able to see into what other people don’t. And their distinct attention to their instincts. The thought of how they emerged as major players in their time just fascinates me. Dale Carnegie once said, “If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy”

Living in one of the most fascinating and interesting continents (Africa) in the world, you’ll be amazed at the vast opportunities in business and the growing entrepreneurial wave that has hit this Continent. Nothing gives me more fulfilment than seeing people properly motivated. Conscious of the fact they can cause changes in every sphere of their lives if they so please. Even small changes in the bigger like, if they put themselves to the task. That a man can truly move mountains if he so believes. Google – Dashrath Manjhi, then you’ll know the heights that goal oriented men would dare reach, only to attain their purpose.  Because, the most highly successful people don’t develop in an environment of success. They evolve into it.

For as you may know, sometimes it’s  the people that no one can imagine anything of, that do the things that no one can imagine. I seek to impact thought patterns so that people may see beyond the literal. Above the bottom line and beneath the surface appearance. Stop fitting yourself into what has already been done. Because there’s something awesome and amazing that is still sitting inside you. It’s been left untapped all these years. That entrepreneurial drive and that unquenched thirst for change.

So who is this blog for?

That person who thirsts to make a change in his life and the life of others, his/her environment, neighbourhood. That person who makes no excuses in getting the job done. That person who feels the call to make a difference. Driven to achieve greatness, unlimited wealth and wants to be a major player in business and life. Even in the smallest of ways. Hop in and let’s enjoy our time together.

Let’s share thoughts and see how best we can influence people, environments and systems positively, even as we evolve into better versions of ourselves.

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